When the Sun Is Not Shining, Make Your Own Sunshine with Turmeric Milk Mix Latte

When the sun is not shining, make your own sunshine! ☀️

turmeric milk mix latte

I just discovered this golden powder sunshine called turmeric milk mix. 

You can sprinkle it on your coffee, yogurt, or oatmeal, or make a latte!

Here is a super simple recipe for a turmeric milk latte to add a little sunshine ☀️ to your body and soul on a grey, cold, winter day:

1) gently warm up an 8 oz cup of milk in a pot ( I used 2-ingredient cashew milk )

2) add 1 or 1,5 teaspoons of turmeric milk

3) stir and slowly heat a bit more

4) pour into your favorite cup

And you have a creamy, delicious, super drink that is so good for you!

All organic ingredients are the stars of this product. 

?Turmeric, ginger, and date fruit help to keep your immune system strong

?Ashwagandha brings your stress down, uplifts your mood, and reduces anxiety

?Cardamon improves circulation, helps with weight loss, and improves digestion

?Cinnamon bark and black pepper help to lower cholesterol, and protect the heart and brain

Making turmeric milk is easy—no need to chop and carefully proportion the ingredients because Banyan Botanicals did all the work for you!

Here is a link to get some golden sunshine turmeric milk mix: https://glnk.io/jy5v/turmeric-milk15

Use LUBA15 code to get a 15% discount when shopping at Banyan Botanicals: https://glnk.io/09wl/luba

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