10 Alternatives to Botox 2017

Spring is just around the corner and all of us want to look beautiful and do it without Botox.  Can we do it? Yes, we can.  Many of the aesthetic and dermatology practices have a business pressure to sell and better yet to “up-sell” their products to customers.  What it means is that you end up with more services and products than you need.  My philosophy is opposite–I believe that less is more and long-term beauty goals go far beyond the muscle paralyzing, wrinkle-erasing miracle of Botox.  So, here are my few “wellbits” of alternatives to Botox:

  1.  Anti-inflammatory diet.  All of us know that beauty begins from the inside.  The truest way to radiant skin is through foods that reduce inflammation.  These include all low-glycemic index, quality protein and anti-oxidant rich foods (think: asparagus, salmon, kale, spinach, flax seeds, blueberries, almonds, barley…).
  2. Movement.  Any movement works (even stretching at your desk).  As little as 30 minutes a day  of walking, increases blood supply that brings nutrients and removes wastes to all of the cells of your body, including your skin on the face and neck.
  3. Ease and Happiness.  Being stressed is a top reason for aging and pre-mature wrinkling.  De-stress and read #4 for how. The more content and tranquil you are, the less you frown.  The less you frown there is less chances for developing deep wrinkles between your eye-brows.
  4. Yoga and Meditation. Both calm the mind, body as well as wrinkles.  Simple poses such as downward dog and child’s pose relax your neck, increase blood supply to your head and release the forehead frown.
  5. Take your supplements.  The top 5 wrinkle-smoothing vitamins include: Vitamin C (because it is a great anti-oxidant and protects against skin dullness), Co-enzyme Q10 (because it helps with cells turn over and reduces cellular damage), chromium (helps to regulate blood sugar level and reduce sweet cravings; which is in itself preventative against wrinkles), zinc (helps in skin repair and increases production of collagen) and all vitamin B complex (increase general health of skin, hair, and nails).
  6. Sleep.  Quality sleep is one of the best remedies for healthy glow.
  7. Drink hot water.  Sipping on a (comfortably) hot water throughout the day is one of the best way to keep your skin hydrated and to detox.  Hydration and removal of toxins is very important in reducing aging and appearance of wrinkles.
  8. Halt the “tech neck” development (the horizontal lines formed by looking at your phone too much).  According to WSJ, on average, people check their phones about 47 times a day.  All that hunching leads to more wrinkling of your very delicate neck skin.  It can take up to 30 units of Botox into your neck to smooth out those wrinkles and a lot of very expensive ointments and serums. An alternative to Botox is get off your phone or at least reduce the use and practice good posture when reading on your phone.
  9. Do “baby Botox.”  If you cannot quit Botox cold-turkey, do baby Botox injections which entails reducing or using very small doses of Botox. Instead of using 20 to 30 units a session for your face, talk to your injector about cutting the dose.  In the meanwhile, practice all the other anti-wrinkling Botox-free strategies.
  10. UV protection. Daily sunblock (even on the cloudy days) remains the most important preventative strategy in protection against wrinkles.  Make sure the sunblock you buy has zinc or titanium.  My favorite one is 18.75% zinc oxide broad spectrum SPF 30 Badger sunscreen cream.

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