7 Reasons to Eat Eggs

Saturday morning  is a good enough reason for eating eggs.   And here are 7 more justifications for consuming this delicious, nutritions, made by nature food.

1.  Eggs are perfect high protein food containing 9 essential amino acids (essential amino acids cannot be made by the body but have to be obtained through food).

2. Eggs are good for the looks–hair, nails skin because they are rich in sulfur.  Sulfur also helps with vitamin B absorption.

3.  Eggs are good for nervous system because contain vitamin B 12, folate and choline.

4.  Eggs help with healthy body weight management because after eating them one has a prolonged sense of satiety.

5.  Some studies suggest that frequent consumption of eggs decreased risk of developing breast cancer in women by 44%.

6.  Eggs contain leutin and zeaxanthin–substances that are protective of eyesight and linked in decreasing incidence of cataracts as one ages (cataracts lead to blindness if untreated).

7.  Eggs are rich in vitamin D which is essential for absorbing calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

And as far as  high cholesterol content of yolk, recent studies showed that egg consumption had a weak affect on blood cholesterol level and that moderate egg consumption—up to one a day—does not increase heart disease risk in healthy individuals.



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