Health Tips for Travel Abroad

Trips abroad are exciting but to enjoy them fully you have to be in good health.   Here are a few wellbits on how to maximize feeling well and energetic despite changing multiple time zones.

Preparation for the journey :

1) Make sure you have all the necessary immunizations for the country you are traveling and bring all of the routine and occasional medications that you might be taking with you.

2) Increase water intake by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day.

3) Exercise by going to the gym, yoga classes and take as many walks as your feet can take before taking off.

4) Minimize (better eliminate) processed foods, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

5) Go to bed early and get up as soon as the sun is up.

Things to take with you:

5) Melatonin supplement will help you sleep and ease adjustment to the new time zone.

6) Smooth Move Tea which will help you stay regular despite change of a routine. You can find it in most grocery stores in the health section.

7) Herbal Defense Complex supplements will help you to stay well or fight off cold/flu coming very quickly.

8) Charcoal supplement will help you in case of food poisoning to absorb and expel toxins that are making you sick.

9) Disinfecting wipes for hands and anything that you touch.

10) Eye mask, eye and hand cream.

11) Rose water–it is refreshing and hydrating to the skin of your face (just make sure it is tightly sealed so it does not leak into your luggage). You can buy it at Earth Fare or from the link below.

During the flight:

13) Have one glass of red wine during the flight to make blood circulation in your body easier (it is also relaxing).

14) Take frequent strolls along the aisle of the plane.

15) Listen to soothing, meditative music on your iPhone and try to sleep (or close your eyes) as much as you can. Check out Calm app.  It is about $10 a year but it is so worth it especially on long plane rides.

16) Completely divorce carbs, simple sugar or caffeine when on the plane.  (It is best if you keep your food intake to an absolute minimum during the flight).

17) Refuse ice in any of your drinks.  Ice made or supplied during flight has been linked with bacterial contamination.

18) Drink as much water as you can.

These are basic tools in making sure you stay healthy and at your best when combating fatigue, mental fog and lack of energy during and after your travel.   Bon voyage!

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