Healthy Halloween Vegetable and Fruit Platters

Halloween, more than any other holiday in America, encourages consumption of sugar-loaded goods. It’s all right to have a candy or two but being conscientious about how much sugar you eat will make you healthier in a long run. While you can resist candy overindulgence it is often difficult to find something healthy at Halloween parties. That’s why it’s good to be proactive and contribute healthy Halloween food alternatives to such gatherings. Here is a couple of fruit and vegetable platters that we have created for Halloween treat and trick get-togethers.

All you need are tangerines, baby carrots, 1 cucumber, cantaloupe, semi-sweet mini chocolates (to make ghosts’ eyes), grape tomatoes, hot chilli peppers (for skull’s horns), 1 cauliflower head, broccoli, celery, hummus and olives.  (Pumpkin-bread house is a great getting-in-the-Halloween-mood activity that excludes eating 🙂 The assembly is simple.  It took two of us about 20 minutes to do.

Tips:  Pick the cauliflower that most resembles a human skull and cut out openings for the eyes (grape tomatoes) secured by using toothpicks.  Carve skull’s teeth from the cauliflower stem.  Peel tangerines and cut out stems from cucumber to make them look like pumpkins.  Use celery to make ghosts’ mouths.  Arrange baby carrots in the shape of a pumpkin and give it a stem at top.  (Try your hardest to keep the pumpkin bread house for decoration and very little nibbling 🙂 Have fun!


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