4 Steps to a More Sustainable Wardrobe ? Healthy Planet = Healthy You.

4 Steps to a More Sustainable Wardrobe ?

If you are concerned for your heath and the health of our planet, and are ready to make concrete changes, start with your wardrobe.

Here are 4 steps to reduce the negative effects of fast fashion:


Chances are, you don’t even know what is in your closet. During this time, when many of us are in lockdown, it is a good idea to get to know your wardrobe again. Take everything out. Edit and evaluate. Come up with new outfits.

Did you know that every fifth piece of clothing that has never been worn is thrown out? We often buy things quickly without realizing what we already have and whether the new thing will go with our existing outfits.

If we go through our wardrobes carefully there will be less compulsive shopping, much less unnecessary clothes, and much less production and pollution that stresses out our planet.


Yes, you have to be picky when shopping in the second-hand stores. But on the huge upside, not only you can find very unique pieces, save money but also get high quality, durable things made before the era of fast fashion. Such things are uniquely personable, made well and thereby contribute to decreaseing pollution on our planet.


Did you know it is raining plastic? Synthetic things are dangerous not only because they are made of oil and therefore do not decompose for a long time synthetics are primarily dangerous for world water supplies.

When machine washable, synthetic fabrics release microparticles of plastic that enter sewage and then into the ocean. According to various sources, 85% of all plastic in the ocean is the result of this process. While polyester decomposes for about 200 years, wool breaks down into amino acids in the earth in a year. Wearing natural fabric clothes is essential for our health and the health of our planet.


The less washing, the less pollution and the longer things last. We often put more detergent than necessary, set the temperature higher than necessary and choose a longer washing cycle. These washing practices damage clothes fibers, discolors clothes and creates additional pollution.

The less things last the more likely we buy more things. Proper, only when truly needed care, will save your clothes, your money and the planet’s resources?


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