Saturday Breakfast Idea

I love, love, love weekend mornings for their unhurried luxurious feel.  Part of the allure is gathering around the breakfast table with my husband and son and enjoying abundantly filling foods, unlike our skimpy breakfasts during weekdays.  We take time to prepare and arrange food on our plates with care while sipping coffee as we catch up with events from the week or make weekend plans.

My favorite dish for Saturday breakfast consists of variations of eggs along with spinach, salmon, cooked veggies and whole grain or Ezekiel bread toast.  And of course, coffee, with cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top, is a must for a weekend.

1. Sauté spinach in olive oil over medium heat while toasting bread in the oven.

2. On the other skillet fry sunny-side up style or poached 3-4 eggs.  Add some egg whites for bulking up the protein content without adding extra cholesterol in the form of yolk.  Sprinkle black ground pepper over the eggs.

3. Assemble toast, spinach, egg and top it with salmon.

4. Decorate with herbs–and you have a beautiful presentation.

5. Serve with some tomatoes on the side.

Love it and enjoy it!

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