Sore Throat, Cough and Cold Remedy

During winter most of us spend more time indoors. The higher the concentration of people the higher the risk of contracting upper respiratory illness. There are over 300 rhino viruses or the bugs that cause symptoms of cold. Healthy lifestyle strengthens our immune system, however, even the healthiest of us sometimes catch a cold.

Take my 15 year old, for example, he swims three times a week during winter, runs cross country, rock climbs and sails during fall and spring.  He also goes to bed early and makes spinach smoothies for himself almost daily. But some times even a pound of cure not enough to stray off the cold. Of course, the course of illness is milder when one keeps himself in tip-top physical condition.

Nevertheless, my son came down last week with a flu-like illness–headache, bodyache, sore throat. He had to miss two days of school. Besides nasal saline and mucunex to loosen up his chest I made this hydrating, full if vitamin concoction for him. It’s easy to put together, tastes great and it soothes the symptoms of sore throat, cough and congestion.  On third day (which was Saturday) he felt significantly better to the point of joining me for hot yoga class.  Maybe it is just his strong immune system, but this drink definitely has something to do with his quick recovery.


–handful of grapes

–few pieces of peeled orange

–few pieces of lemon

–few pieces of chopped ginger

–2 teaspoons of honey

Put all the ingredients except honey into the cup. Pour hot boiled water over it. Steep for about 5 minutes. Add honey. Serve.

Be healthy, be happy, be well!


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