Think Beautiful Thoughts Only

“Imaginary evils are incurable.”
~Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Austrian writer
“Think beautiful thoughts only…”.  I heard these words from one of my best friends and my mentor often.  And if you think about it, the alternative to thinking beautifully is ruminating in negativity, which does nothing except bring you down.  Unfortunately, life events occur all the time that provoke us to go into the spiral of negativity–which feels like pulling teeth.  So, sooner or later, the question arises how to increase the likelihood of beautiful or positive thinking.
1) Understand and accept that many things are outside of your control–traffic, weather, rude co-worker, verbal snapping of a teenager.  While the initial reaction of fury, agitation and annoyance is natural (and in a way healthy) chronic obsessive rumination over these events only destroys your health and your spirit.  Therefore, why waste your emotional energy?  Understand, accept and let go…unless…
2)  You can change or affect the situation.  To some extent, we can have an influence or modify our own behavior to life situations that create negativity.  For example, you can’t change traffic, especially if you live in a big city such as Moscow, Russia.  What is within your control is improving a bad situation.  You can put on spa gloves right there in the car,  to improve your look, listen to the book on tape to increase your IQ and even do exercise (such as Kegel).  So, think about how you can affect the given circumstances.  The important skill here is to be able to differentiate what you can change and what is outside of your control and act accordingly.
3) Focus on what is right in your life.  The co-worker, boss, teenager might have snapped at you, but so what if you have a good health, loving friends and pets.  Even in the most dire of situations there are good things abound.  Thinking in a positive direction can switch your mood, which is a barometer of happiness and quality of your life in this very moment.  Life consists of many little moments.  Be selective with yours.  Pick only beautiful ones.
4) Love yourself.  This is the bottom line.  Before anyone else, your job is you.  If you feed your mental and emotional field with beautiful thoughts, then beautiful outcomes will spring up from that.  When you forgive others, situations, political regimes, teenagers in your life and let go of everyday annoyances you free yourself from negativity.  And when you free yourself from that you don’t need–your life becomes what you deserve–truly beautiful.
Wishing you to be healthy, happy and well!

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