Why Unplugging While on Vacation is Good For You

Many of us lead busy and stressful lives with little vacation time.  Even when we go on vacation, few can resist checking e-mails and continue with work projects.  And that’s too bad–for our health, happiness and our loved ones.  It is time to put away those de-VICES.

1.  Restore well-being.  Constant stream of information interferes with your peace of mind.  Taking a break is the best thing you can do to restore and enhance your well-being.

2.  Deepen the connections with family.  Digital devices often come between you and your loved ones.  Stop.  Put those electronic gadgets down to be fully present with.  Your family deserves time without digital interruptions.

3.  Unleash creativity.  Having predictable routines can be good, however, routine of constant phone and computer checking is not.  You may be surprised by creative inspiration that comes over you when you take time to disconnect from the technology.

Therefore, if you get a chance to get away–turn off your phone, stop checking e-mails and let yourself be technology-free for as long as you can.  Or at least try to minimize the use of your digital devices.

P.S. My teenage son and I will be going on 5 week trip and I may share some welllbits of our travels in France, Russia and Italy in August.  Happy digital detoxing!

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