Wisdom for the Health of the Soul or The Best Proverb of Solomon

When King Solomon descended from the mountain, after meeting the sunrise, those gathered at the foot said: “You are a source of inspiration for us. Your words transform hearts. And your wisdom enlightens the mind. We yearn to listen to you. Tell us–Who are we?”

He smiled and said:

“You are the light of the world. You are stars. You are the temple of truth. The universe is in each of you. Put your mind into your heart, ask your heart, and listen through love. Blessed are those who know the language of God”.

“Tell us–What is the meaning of life?”

“Life is a journey, a goal, and a reward. Life is a dance of love. Your purpose is to flourish. Simply BEING you is a great gift to the world. Your life is the history of the universe. Therefore life is more beautiful than all theories. Treat life like a holiday because life is valuable in itself. Life is made of the present moments. And the meaning of the present is to be in the present.”

“Tell us–How to overcome adversity?”

“Don’t judge yourself–you are divine. Don’t compare or divide. 

Be thankful for everything. Rejoice, for joy works wonders. 

Love yourself, for everyone loves those who love themselves. Bless the dangers, as they challenge you to be brave and find bliss. 

Pray in joy, and misfortune will bypass you. Pray, but don’t bargain with God. And know that praise is the best prayer, and happiness is the best food for the soul.”

“Tell us–What is the path to happiness?”

“Happy are those who love; happy are those who give thanks. 

Happy who are being peaceful. Happy are those who find heaven in themselves. Happy are those who give with joy, and happy are those who receive gifts with joy. Happy are the seekers. Happy are the awakened ones. Happy are those who listen to the voice of God. Happy are those who fulfill their life’s purpose. Happy are those who know life’s unity. 

Happy are those who contemplate God. Happy are those who live in harmony. Happy are those who have seen the beauties of the world. Happy are those who open themselves to the sun. Happy are those flowing like rivers. Happy are those who are ready to accept happiness. 

Happy are the wise. Happy are those who know themselves. Happy are those who love themselves. Happy are those who praise life. Happy are the creators. Happy are the ones free. Happy are those who forgive.”

“Tell us–What is the secret of abundance?”

“Your life is the greatest treasure in the treasury of God. And God is the treasure of the human heart. The wealth within you is inexhaustible, and the abundance around you is limitless. The world is rich enough for everyone to become rich. So the more you give, the more you get. Happiness is at your doorstep. Open to abundance. And turn everything into the gold of life. Blessed are those who find treasures within themselves.”

“Tell us–How to live in the light?”

“Drink from every moment of life, for sleepwalking through life breeds sadness. And know what is inside, so is outside. The darkness of the world comes from the darkness in the heart. Man is the seed of the Sun. Happiness is the sunrise. Contemplation of God is dissolution in the light. Enlightenment is the radiance of a thousand suns. Blessed are those who thirst for light.”

“Tell us–How to find harmony?”

“Live simply. Don’t harm anyone. Don’t envy. Let doubts cleanse, not bring resignation. Dedicate your life to beauty. Create for the sake of creation, not for recognition. Treat others as revelations. Transform the past by forgetting it. Bring something new into the world. Fill your body with love. Become the energy of love, for love, spiritualizes everything. Where there is love, there is God.”

“Tell us–How to achieve the perfection of life?”

“A happy person transforms many. The unfortunate remain slaves to their troubles for happiness loves freedom. Joy is where there is freedom. Learn the art of happiness. Open to the world, and the world will open to you. By giving up the struggle, you become a master.

And, looking at everyone with love, he added: But being in silence will reveal much more to you. Just be yourself! Live in harmony! Be yourself!”

Abrams Falls Trail November 26th, 2022

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