11 Tips on Staying Grateful and Grounded

11 Tips on Staying Grateful and Grounded

Pandemic 2020 has changed our lives. It was never easy before, but now it is extra hard. We may feel the loss of control, sadness, isolation, and a sense of overwhelm. Here is my list of 11 strategies for staying grounded and grateful during these unprecedented times.

  1. Enlightened readings. Reading the Bible, philosophical texts, and classical literature can help you shift a perspective and lessen anxiety.
  2. Routine. Getting up with the sun, eating at about the same times, and winding down with darkness help to keep your body-mind more attuned with daily rhythms.
  3. Nature. Making frequent dates with green spaces is a healing remedy for your body and soul.
  4. Short yoga practices. Try many videos on youtube or use the Down Dog yoga app for a variety of routines of different levels.
  5. Meditation. Time alone in a quiet reflection, even if it is a short 5 minutes in the morning, can be very calming.
  6. Relationships. Nurturing relationships at home and with extended family and friends can be a lifeline in the time of social distancing.
  7. Pet therapy. Petting a cat or a dog, or even bird-watching can provide a grounding connection to nature and decrease feelings of sadness and anxiety.
  8. Journal writing or poetry. Writing your feelings on paper can make them feel less overwhelming and can put things in perspective. Poetry writing is a creative way to express and process your emotions.
  9. Aromatherapy. Placing a few drops on the inside your palm, rubbing your hands together, and inhaling the aroma can help you feel calmer and more centered. Try frankincense, myrrh, and lavender oils.
  10. Daily self-massage. Using grounding oils such as almond or sesame or grape-seed oil for a full-body self-massage can make you physically feel better and will improve your mood.
  11. Seek help. Getting help is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength. People who get appropriate care can address difficult emotions with health counseling and medication and lead full, rewarding lives. 

We are living in difficult times. But we are all in it together. All we can do is to try to accept the challenge of this season and live the best possible life we can.

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