Balance Your Hormones With Seed Cycling

Seed cycling for balancing your hormones is not new, but it is good to be reminded of this simple yet effective tool to increase fertility, decrease acne and PMS symptoms.⁣

From 1st day of your period (menstruating) to 14th day (ovulating phase) tаке 1 tablespoon of freshly grounded flaxseeds + pumpkin seeds. These increase #estrogen.⁣

From 14th day to the first day of your period (about day 28) take 1 table spoon of sesame + sunflower seeds. These increase #progesterone⁣

I just sprinkle the seeds on my morning oatmeal. ⁣

If you don’t have the period, you will follow the moon ? cycle, same principle applies:⁣

1) new moon ? to full moon ? take 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds + pumpkin seeds daily to increase estrogen. ⁣
2) ?full moon to new moon ? take 1 tablespoon of sesames seeds + sunflower seeds to increase progesterone⁣.

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