7 Effective Habits of Working from Home

I have started working from home as medical expert and wellness editor as a part-time work in addition to my teaching at the university job over a year ago.¬† Now that extra gig evolved into my full-time occupation. And yes, there are a lot of perks about working from home such as ability to work around yoga class or walking the dog…but for maximum productivity and efficiency you have to have ground rules and self-discipline.

  1. Discover your most productive time of the day and stick to it.

2. Keep your work space contained and dedicated for work only.
3. No snacking. It’s a terrible habit for your body and very short-term productive for your mind.
4. Drink water. Green tea and coffee is good on occasion.
5. Take productive breaks by taking a walk, stretching or changing activity. But keep it short to get back to work.
6. Don’t work past certain time. (For me it’s 5 or 6 pm. Because I want to have a good sleep I avoid screen time well ahead bedtime.)
7. Try to put a little effort into your home-office attire–if you feel altogether you are likely to you produce better work.

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