Toss, Shred, Unfriend. In praise of minimalism in life and relationships.

Do you have clothes that no longer fit or look good on you?

Is your living space full of nick-knacks and your desk full of papers that serve no function except to collect dust?

Do you have “friends” that don’t enhance your happiness in real life nor contribute to the conversation on social media?

If the answer to any of these is “yes”, it is time to purge those areas of your life and to let go of everything that no longer serves you.

There are things in life that you may not have control over.  But for the sake of your health, happiness and well-being, it is essential to simplify those that you can.

Your closets, home, desk as well as people around you–your friends both in real-life and social media are the ones you can selectively edit.  Toss, shred or unfriend the elements that don’t contribute meaningfully to your life.

Choose minimalism in your physical and mental space.  Choose quality over quantity:

1. Clean-out your closets & your home.

2. Shred, recycle (or throw away) useless papers.

3. Unfriend & unfollow “dead souls” on your social media account.

Life is already complex and cluttered as it is.  Keep only that which positively supports your life and happiness.  By doing so, you will invite space, vitality and positive into your life.

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