Free and Simple Anti-aging Strategies

Beauty obsession fuels a fast-growing multi-billion dollar market encompassing products and services ranging from lip balms and hair cuts to advanced aesthetics and plastic surgery techniques.  Consumers don’t seem to object to paying high prices for the services.  Why?  Because of the simple truth–when we look good, we feel good.  While some of the services, such as hair cuts and massages for better health, are essential, there are others that are superfluous.   Instead of spending your hard-earned dollars, do it for free yourself.  All you need is to be aware about common sense aging factors and then practice your knowledge.  Here is my list of must-have free and simple anti-aging strategies:

1.  Walk.  Walking is free and it is essential for good mood, circulation and glowing facial complexion.  Avoid hours between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm when the sun is at its strongest.

2.  Cover up.  Wear a hat and shield your body from the sunlight by wearing long-sleeve clothing.  White cotton is my favorite material for full body coverage that keeps you cool.  Damage from the sun is one of the most significant aging factors.

3.  Read my lips.  Do not drink from the straw nor pucker your lips as it creates vertical lines above and bellow your lips which visually adds years to your face.

4.  Don’t worry, be happy.  Don’t frown to prevent lines between your eyebrows.  Smile instead.  Mimic lines around your eyes caused by smiling are rather charming than aging.

5. Protect precious pearls.  Brush your teeth after eating and drinking not before because enamel in your teeth is softer immediately after brushing and it can stain more easily.  Stained enamel makes you look older.

6.  Hibernate.  Wash your hair every other day or every 3 days to let natural oils condition your scalp and hair.  Frequent washing leads to split ends, dryness and unhealthy look of your hair.  Shiny, luscious hair is a signature of youthful appearance.

7.  Hide.  As you drive, hide your hands (or even wear light fabric gloves) from the direct sun–having dark liver spots on your hands is never flattering and it can cost up to $1000 to remove it.  Practice prevention instead.

9.  Namaste.  Have a peace of mind.  Practice yoga, meditation, listen to baroque music. Finding inner calm can be quite easy if you put your mind to it.

10.  Hydrate.   Drink water and avoid dehydrating beverages.  Babies when born are mostly water, that is why they look so plump (and adorable).  As we age we lose water.  Not drinking enough water and consuming coffee or alcohol leads to our bodies’ drying out.  Dry body equals wrinkles.

Remember, aging is not bad, it makes us wiser, more refined with experience and gives us greater depth of thinking and perception.  However, aging gracefully is important for overall health and happiness.  Looking good on the outside is a by-product of being healthy on the inside.  Therefore, be healthy, be happy and be beautiful inside and out!

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