Tips To Sharpen Your Knives Like A Pro

by Alex Deneanu

When it comes to cooking there is nothing like having the right tools.  Good knife is the king of the cooking tools.   Sharp knife makes cooking fun.  It is so gratifying to cut through a pile of vegetables effortlessly–just like a world-class chef.  There are a lot of different ways that you can approach the process of sharpening your knives, but most of the efforts that you will find will not help. Professionals don’t invest a lot of time trying to find tricks and tips, they do things with a particular precision so that every cut is done right and they can move on to the cooking process. For the home cook, this may seem like something that requires a bit of work, but it’s honestly not that hard. If you are interested in sharpening your knives like the head chefs of 5 star restaurants, then you simply need a few tips to consider overall.

First Find a Good Sharpener
Do not just buy a stone or something that you see on television. Look online and start seeking out the best sharpening tool you can find. Knives need another hard surface to gain strength, especially high quality stainless steel blades. If you have a ceramic blade, you may not be able to use sharpeners in the same way. Look for an option that has a high user rating and is known for precision sharpening. You will find that only a few option swill have high praise from real users. Many options on the market will not factor in such compelling reviews, so be careful.

Test One Knife at a Time
Once you have procured a sharpener, you want to test whether or not it’s a good fit, and that means that you will need to test things one by one. Take a knife and place the blade on the sharpener and work towards creating a precision edge. Don’t overdo it, and follow any instructions that came with your solution. Making sure that you are testing things one by one will allow you to gain a handle on what to do and what works best for your knives. Make sure that the blade is clean and clear before cutting something. You’ll be able to tell whether or not you’re done, based on the tomato test. Get a ripe tomato and cut it, see how well it does with that, and you’ll be ready to go.

Some Blades Won’t Get Sharper
One of the many issues that home cooks have to deal with is the sheer fact that some blades will not work. You could try hard to get something sharper but it will just break or crack the edge. High end solutions will need sharpening every now and again, but if you have a low end set of steak knives, for example, you won’t gain much traction, that’s for sure.
Professionals sharpen every few weeks or so, and sometimes every week, depending on how much their knives are used. You can easily get the same kind of precise element if you keep that in mind. Don’t sharpen daily, and don’t invest in cheaper blades as they won’t work out for the long term. The more attention you put into your tools, the better they will respond to the process, that’s for sure.

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