10 Must Do Things Till the End of Winter

There is more snow in the forecast for the US–one last time hopefully! Editor-in-chief of aboutwellness.ru Irina Korabelnikova shares with mywellbits.com 10 Must Do Things Till the End of Winter.  (My favorite is Telethon…) Translated to English from Russian, with Love…

It is the end of winter. The holidays are over and the New Year is no longer so new anymore. We are waiting for spring that is in no hurry to advance to say goodbye to snowy winter. We dream of sunny days, light spring clothes and bright fresh fruits and vegetables. We are tired of endless pumpkin, which we cooked 467 different ways, evergreen pickled peas, asparagus and “winter ” strawberry. Our skin is desperately dry and hair buried under thick winter hats.  Where is the spring ? We are so ready and waiting for it.

But what can one do in the face of winter days but to embrace and enjoy the last days of winter.  If you wonder how to use the words “winter ” and ” pleasure” in the same sentence this post is for you.

1. Hot drinks

There is nothing better than to return to a comfortable home on a cold winter day and get a cup of hot cocoa.  Come up with your own recipe for this fabulous drink. Try to prepare a milkshake with turmeric. You can also heat up almond milk over low heat and add a little green powder of Japanese Matcha which is a powerful antioxidant that improves metabolic processes in the body and so much appreciated by the Japanese samurai.  A little ofmaca root (Peruvian ginseng), which gives strength as well as  stimulates endocrine system–means popular among the Aztecs. You can also make sala tea.  It is tea prepared as usual, but add nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, pepper or ginger. According to Ayurveda, masala tea strengthens the spirit and heals the body.  Finally, you can make tea using different herbs.  Season it with ginger, lemon juice or something to your taste.

2 . Soup

Winter  is a time when you can cook therapeutic warming soup quickly. Just add water, a little coconut oil , garlic, onions or leeks and any vegetables that you have on hand (carrots , squash , cauliflower, kale, broccoli, spinach…) and your favorite warming spices (curry, turmeric, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne pepper). Bring all to a boil, then simmer and afterwards mix well.  Add to the finished soup (for density) sweet potato and/or coconut milk, garnish with almonds or walnuts and… slowly go crazy with this yuminess.

3 . Very hot shower

Any procedures involving steam eliminate toxins from the body, open the pores and provide an overall relaxing effect. Hot shower  is a great tool in relieving muscular tension and pain as well as to calm nerves before bedtime. Hot steam washes body, opens up pores and the nasal passages.  Avoid water temperatures that are too hot though because it is stressful for the body and it also can burn the skin.

4 . Your bed

” Mom, can I sleep longer today ? ” No matter how old you are (5 , 35, or 105) it is so tempting to lie longer under a warm blanket. Once spring comes and the sun warms the windows with its irrepressible heat, we will not be able to stay in bed for a long time.  We will naturally jump up early, vigorous and energetic. Winter is a happy time when you can lie in bed a few extra minutes (or hours, if you are your own boss ).  Let yourself fully relax and make the coming day not so heavy. Many mammals hibernate in the winter, so it is only natural to want to lie in bed longer during winter months.  Lie comfortably on your back with a pillow under head, back or under your knees.  Take a cover with a thick blanket and put your head to anything or anyone favorite: a four-footed friend, for example, or your favorite pillow.   Enjoy the tranquility, warmth and comfort .

5 . Comfortable clothes

Enjoy the comfort of a huge woolen dress, fleece pants, thick ski socks and be sure to wear Uggs. Do not worry, the season of sundresses and polo shirts is to be here soon, so enjoy the snow mountains wardrobe one more time…

6. New Hobbies

Winter is a chance to perform and bring to life all the promises made on the New Year’s Eve. Learn something new.  The winter weather is very conducive for mastering the art of knitting, solving crossword puzzles and improving in the game of chess or cards.

7. Home and Family

“Freeze” the house along with its entire family on cold winter days.  Enjoy this moment, appreciate each other’s company. Spend time talking, taking care of each other  and catching up!  These are rare and very precious moments of your life, that you will always remember.

8. Telethon 

You are legally allowed to watch all 12 episodes of favorite TV show all day.

9. SNOW !

No one is too old to play in the snow. Go to the distant snow slopes or stay close to the snow at home.  Make a snowman, arrange snowball fight or just stroll through the snowy path around your neighborhood.  Also, quite simple – look out the window at all the beauty that nature gives us, admire the falling snowflakes …

10 . Yoga

Yoga should be in your life at any time of year. Winter  is a good time for yoga in nature as well as at the fitness center.  Chant “Om” on a cold day.  If you sing it at home, it can completely change the whole day. When this chant is performed during yoga session, the energy that arises and is the best antidote to winter depression. A great way to warm up your muscles is by doing Sun salutation exercises and deep breathing .  It stimulates the nervous system, improves digestive processes and blood circulation.

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