Healthy Snacks for Parties and Beyond

This past weekend, my husband and I hosted Let’s Celebrate Love party inspired by Valentine’s Day,  as well as our upcoming 1 year anniversary.  It was also a celebration of our new nest– 1940 beautifully remodeled Cape Cod home.  We finally settled and wanted our closest friends to come and share our joy.  We had several trees outside lit up with white and red lights to enhance the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day weekend and to brighten these cold, dark and  long winter nights.


The preparations for the party were fun from selecting champagne and special German truffles to shopping for guest party favors in form of dark chocolate bars.  We wanted our gathering also healthy and we made sure we had plenty of choices that are filling, nutritious, low-calorie and high fiber.

Here is 3 dishes that fit that criteria.

1) arrange green and black grapes, strawberries, pears and apples on a large platter–it serve as a beautiful center piece and makes it easy for guests reach the fruit from all sides of the table.

2) use toothpicks to pierce grape tomatoes and mozzarella cheese balls–this colorful dish is appealing for both eyes and taste buds.


3) cut up celery, carrots, cucumbers in long strings and arrange it on a circular tray around a small bowl of humus.

I wish I have taken more and better pictures but I was making sure that champagne to our guests’ glasses was flowing abundantly and freely 😉 …therefore, very few pictures…



Next day, for lunch we assembled a festive looking platter from left over vegetables and added cut up pickles and turnips.  This dish can also be used as an option of healthy bites for parties.  Getting together with friends, socializing is good for the spirit and there are plenty of healthy party snack recipes to choose from.  All one has to do is (re)search, plan, shop, chop and beautifully present.


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