15 Life and Love Lessons Learned From Skiing

Skiing is like a meditation.  It taps into the wisdom of what one has learned or innately knows. The insights that one gains from skiing reset general approach to life.  Below are the thoughts on life and love that have been inspired  from skiing.

Life lesson #1:


Find something (& someone) you love doing day in and day out.  Loving what you do makes you excited, happy and alive.

Life lesson #2:


If you don’t know what you love, search and explore.  Whoever searches shall find.  One can’t be complacent. In life (and love) all weapons are fair.

Life Lesson #3


Take in the scenery. Be in the now.  Awareness enhances a sense of just being and pure happiness.

 Life Lesson #4:


There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.  Plan you wardrobe according to weather of where you are.  Dress in layers.  If you are comfortable physically you are more inclined to be happy mentally and emotionally.

Life Lesson #5:

Be one with the mountain, your surroundings and the one you are with.   Sync in, give up resistance, wishful thinking and you will feel more harmony, balance and love wherever you are.
Life Lesson #6:
Seek friendships, closeness with family and companionship (especially when young).  Happiness is doubled when you have someone to share it with.
Life Lesson #7:


Have a good breakfast. It helps you to be physically strong and mentally focused (and keeps, especially your female partner, in a good mood).

Life Lesson #8:

Take a lesson.  Learn from the best you can find.  Have a role model.  Watch and ask how the experts do it. To get better at something continue to learn and especially from those who are better than yourself.

Life Lesson #9:


Enjoy the actual doing.  Getting down the mountain is not the reward, the process is (the same with lovemaking ;).

Lesson #10:


Challenge yourself, even if at first, it appears impossible.  Go for the highest there is.

Life Lesson #11:


Skiing is 90% mental and so is life.  Focus on the shade you like.

Life Lesson #12:


When something looks intimidating take slow deep breaths, try to stay calm, focused and go slowly.

Life Lesson #13:


Don’t think (especially look) too far ahead.  It can scare you.  Think small.  Make turns in strides.  Pause.  Before you know it, the steepest mountain is tackled.

Life Lesson #14:


Know when to take a break.  Everybody has limits–physical, mental, emotional.  Know yours.  Retreat to heal when you feel tired.  Time together, but then alone, is necessary for successful couple-hood.

Life Lesson #15:


There are a lot of peaks out there.  But you can only climb up and ski down one at a time. Narrow, focus, stay on course, one project at a time.  Don’t multitask in life (nor in love affairs).

Life Lesson #16:


Take care of your body. There are no replacement parts that would work as good as the original.  Anything is achievable in good health.

Skiing is about essentials–body, mind and the mountain.   Life and love is also about the essentials in the big scheme of things.  When extraneous chips away wisdom emerges. These are mywellbits.  Strive to be healthy, happy & well.

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