Be Happy Thoughts

Actually, I should have titled this post “Affirmations for Happiness” because it is the affirmations that are essential for feeling happy, peaceful and content.  It is like a tape you play in the back of your mind that sets the mood of your inner state.  There have been very difficult passages in my life and taking charge of my emotional tone was how I got through.  To be happy, you have to think happy.  Get your brain high on happy thoughts.  Here are my favorite “pick me up” happy sayings.  I have jotted them down in my journal almost a decade ago–but they still work.  At that time I read a lot of affirmations by Louise Hay.  So, my own affirmations have been heavily influenced by her.

We crave validation from others and while it is great when we get it, often we don’t have control over it.  Therefore, validate yourself with your own self-talk.  Feeling good about yourself creates a foundation for the overall health.  Affirm what you want for yourself.

Be in a quiet place, take 3 cleansing breaths and say these affirmations slowly with expression to yourself.

Today I claim my power.  I am deserving.  I deserve the best.  I am worthwhile.  I choose to live the life of my dreams.  My power is in the present moment.

Now and for the rest of my life I choose JOY.  I choose HARMONY.  I choose HEALTH.  I choose LOVING TENDERNESS to myself and others.  I choose CONFIDENCE.  I chose CONTENTMENT.  I choose HAPPINESS. I choose peace of mind.  I choose to love myself and believe in myself.  I choose BEAUTY inner and outer.

Today, I choose to live in abundance of these qualities.  I am safe in the Universe and ALL life supports me.  I accept life as it comes to me.  I think what I want and it becomes true for me.

I like myself.  I forgive myself.  I choose to forgive others for the past hurts.  I release all the negativity from my life.  I choose the life of inner peace, love, confidence and calmness.  I release with love all fears and doubts.  I am doing the best I can and I choose to live in the present moment of joy and inner peace.  I am healthy.  I am happy.  I am well. And so I am.

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