Transcend Life’s Grind Straight to Nirvana

Skip meditation, yoga, Vipassana, cold showers, transpersonal psychology, and women’s practices…go straight to nirvana. ⁣

How? Imitate nature. ⁣

Garden flowers are as happy as those cut for my bouquet. ⁣

Rain or shine, butterfly ? or scissors, they own and accept their reality as it comes. No anger, resentment, or blame. They reach for the light ✨and spread beauty all around.⁣

We are not different from things in nature, and too can be unconditionally joyful. ⁣

Equinimity, eternal harmony, peace ✌️ are yours if you learn to be like the flowers. ⁣

Remain accepting of whatever fate brings (loss, daily grind, pain..) and abstain from falling apart emotionally at every unaccommodating circumstance. ⁣

When you r in love ? with life, no matter what, you are in nirvana. And so it is. ??⁣

Farmer’s Market Flowers

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