5 Most Important Minutes of The Day for Calm, Grounded and Happy You

It is not a secret that our internal emotional and physical states affect the way we breathe.  When we are excited, stressed or physically strained our breathing becomes shorter and choppier but when we are happy, elated, relaxed, healthy it is deeper and steadier.  While we can’t always control our external circumstances, it helps to practice breathing techniques to bring our mind, body and spirit in a calm alignment.  It takes no more than 5 minutes in the morning, few deep breaths and body stretches to start your day calm, grounded and happy for the rest of your day.

1. Before getting up from your bed stretch your arms overhead while you stretch your legs in the opposite direction as you take a few deep inhales and few deep exhales.  30 seconds.

2. After the initial full body stretch place both hands behind your head and lay there breathing deeply and slowly while waking up your body and senses.  Set intention for the day.  1-3 minutes.

2. Bring your head up as you sit in bed, bend over and touch your feet with your hands (doing so, will help in preventing orthostatic hypotension or “dizzy spell” which happens when a person changes positions from laying down to standing up suddenly). 30 seconds.

3. Slowly get up and walk to your window (preferably cracked to let the fresh outside air in). Take a few deep inhales through an open mouth as if pronouncing the letter “F” and exhale through the nose.  Repeat 5 times. 1-2 minutes.

4. Lay down on the yoga mat (or back on your bed) bring your knees to your chest, inhale and then exhale deeply.  Engage muscles of your abdomen for deepening of your exhale.    Repeat 6 times. 1-2 minutes.

5. Finally, get up in front of the open window, stretch up with arms above your head on the deep inhale through your nose and bring them down by your sides with a deep exhale through your mouth. Repeat 3 times. 30 seconds.

Now you are ready to go, love, be and deal with whatever comes your way as you start your day with a strong foundation of awareness, stillness and presence, attuned to your being and breath.  Calm. Grounded. Happy. And so You are.




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